• Polhemsalen, Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvagen 1, Uppsala 2021-02-05 kl 13:15

    Aihara, Aya

    Aeroacoustic Prediction for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

    Open access
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    Open access
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    Integration of Wave Power Farms into Power Systems of the Adriatic Islands: Technical Possibilities and Cross-Cutting Aspects

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    Open access
  • Katardjiev, Ilia

    Optical Characterisation of a Fractal Solar Concentrator


    Open access
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    Open access
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    A 3D-printed Fat-IBC-enabled prosthetic arm: Communication protocol and data representation


    Open access
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    A comparative investigation of information loss due to variable quantization on parameter estimation of compound distribution


  • Roos, Pontus

    A Comparison of Grid-Forming and Grid-Following Control of VSCs


    Open access
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    A Computational Theory for the Emergence of Grammatical Categories in Cortical Dynamics

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    Open access
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    A fractal concentrator of direct and indirect sunlight

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    Open access
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    A Strategy for Alleviating Micro Arcing during HiPIMS Deposition of DLC Coatings

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    Open access
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    Adaptive detection of anomalies in the Saab Gripen fuel tanks using machine learning


    Open access
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    Adaptive transmission rate for LQG control over Wi-Fi: a cross-layer approach

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    Open access
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    Open access
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    Analys av magnetfält kring högspänd luftledning


    Open access
  • Stoltz, Cristina; Skrealid, Johan

    Analys av mikronät: Genomgång av regelverk och teknoekonomiskutvärdering av mikronätet i Fjärås


    Open access
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    Analysing the effects of biofeedback using control-oriented formalisms: the case of gamified Kegel exercising


  • Wahid, Ferdus

    Analysis Of A Wave Power System With Passive And Active Rectification


    Open access
  • Hasibuan, Ronaldo Gustav Pangihutan

    Analysis of Cooling System and Its Influence on Magnetic Flux Density in a Motor


    Open access
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    Assessment of Extreme and Metocean Conditions in the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone for Wave Energy

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    Open access
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    Asymptotics of quickest change detection with an energy harvesting sensor

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    Automatic control of renewable energy sources at varying load


    Open access
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    Automatic control: the natral approach for a quantitative-based personalized education


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    Automationsunderlag för stackningsmoment av kärnläggning


    Open access
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    Beamforming in 5G mm-wave radionetworks: Importance of frequency multiplexing for users in urban macro environments


    Open access
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    Biacore SPI data reader: A project in interpreting digital data communication


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    Open access
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    CFD Simulations of Flow Characteristics of a Piano Key Weir Spillway


    Open access
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    Open access
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    Characterization of Magneto-Dielectric Materials for Microwave Devices


    Open access
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    Clustering of Dielectric and Colour Profiles of an Ex-vivo Burnt Human Skin Sample

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    Colonisation of wave power foundations by mobile mega- and macrofauna - a 12 year study

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    COMBSecretomics: a pragmatic methodological framework for higher-order drug combination analysis using secretomics

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    Open access
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    Compact and Highly Efficient Lumped Push-pull Power Amplifier at Kilowatt level with Quasi-static Drain Supply Modulation

    s. 29-32 2020.

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    Compact and Low Cost Linear Antenna Array for Millimeter Wave Automotive Radar Applications

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  • Söderblom, Anton

    Comparative research on high voltage step up dcdc converters